"to live material" – Briefly summarises what we stand for.

Characterised by our enthusiasm and passion for our products, we express many different aspects with our claim.

We practice our materials

We put our passion and enthusiasm into continuous further development of our material and all of its raw materials. Moreover this includes optimisation of our processes and structures and puts us one step ahead!

We offer material that will last a lifetime

Sustainable thinking and action, combined with best quality along the entire value-added chain. This is our claim. We offer a material that not only insures infrastructure and living space but also unites people and provides stability.

Life equals responsibility

We take responsibility towards people, nature and the environment. Long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees are an fundamental part of this. Another aspect is maintenance and protection of our nature. Therefore, we work every day on making and using our products more environmentally friendly and more efficiently.

Life means development

SCHWENK is a company based on its employees' willingness to perform and team spirit. Together we develop us further and design our company's future as a team. We are characterised by passion and enthusiasm for our work, a down-to-earth attitude and the pride to be part of SCHWENK.

How we came to be what we are today.

With more than 170 years, we are the oldest family-owned company in the German cement industry. The company developed into what it is today in the course of five generations. We are connected to tradition and living in a state-of-the-art working world.

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